• SEO

    What good is your website if no one can find you online? The higher your website is in search rankings, the more quality organic traffic you can drive to your site.

  • Content Marketing

    Customized, useful, and consistent multi-platform content helps your business gain visibility and drive traffic to your website.

  • Social Media Management

    Everyone’s needs are different when it comes to social media. We’ll craft a social strategy that’s tailored to your company’s needs.

  • Paid Media

    We can help you set up, manage, and optimize campaigns for Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and anything else you might need.

  • Analytics & Insights

    We’ll help track and make sense of your data by getting down to the details to find out what’s working and expand on that.

  • Email Marketing

    Subscriber growth and consistent email campaigns paired with A/B testing is a recipe for success. Let us help you with that.

  • Website Optimization

    We’ll test and optimize your website by making changes that will help improve website speed, user experience, and increase conversions.

  • Website Setup

    Setting up a website can be a little intimidating, but we can help with that. Our services range from domain registration to selecting a host provider to installing WordPress and custom themes.

  • Consulting

    Just looking for advice on ways to grow your business online? Let’s chat.


"When it comes to letting someone else handle a part of your business, it's hard to find someone you can really trust. Especially on the marketing side of things. But after my first conversation with Chris and Sam at Rare Rabbit Media...

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- Ed Bishop - Ed Bishop Voiceovers/Ed Bishop Creative

"With Rare Rabbit Media being a new company I was a little skeptical at first, but after talking to Chris I knew I was in good hands. All I had was a website name and an idea for a logo, I didn’t even know how to purchase a domain let alone setup...

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- Andrew Michael Martin - A Cure For Boredom


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