Email Marketing

Email marketing can garner huge returns because it can be your prime mode of communication. It’s the perfect way to keep your customers coming back and it’s the most cost-effective because it shows up right where your customers are guaranteed to be — their email inbox.

Here’s a little caveat: email is 40 times more effective than Facebook. Trust us. There’s plenty of evidence to back this up. By sharing your great content with your customers and showing up where they are, you build credibility, strengthen relationships, and improve communication. You’ll also boost sales.

What we offer:

  • Develop an email marketing strategy to define your audience
  • Create groups and segments based off of your email list to help generate higher CTR’s and engagement
  • Establish sending frequency and goals
  • Create compelling content that your subscribers will love (upcoming events, popular posts, new product details, guides, etc…)
  • A/B testing: subject line, from name, content, or send time
  • Make a consistent schedule
  • Email design

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