Website Optimization

We’ll audit your site to make sure it’s working effectively. After launching a site, it can be intimidating ensuring all functions are working as intended.

User experience is all-encompassing for your customers and it can deliver real results. How your customers feel about interacting with your digital product is huge. This visual and digital identity not only sets you apart, it drives users back to your site and to your product. It has to be easy to use and well-organized.

  • Help improve website speed by optimizing images, leveraging browser caching, minify resources, implementing a content distribution network, or CDN, etc …
  • Help improve user experience to ensure your website is accessible, usable, efficient and easy on the eyes.
  • Better flow, visual placement, and white space play a crucial role in UX.
  • Optimize ad placement for high CTR
  • Help grow email subscribers using better widget placement, popups, and exit-intent.

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